It was an afternoon during a rainy season, the founder of CAR Crox Mr Jay Gangani was with his friend in a coffee shop. He saw from the window, was a happiness friends were sharing after getting a newly purchased car. Instantly he found pleasure as he was sharing the same interest as those youngsters. But after a little chat with those youngsters, what he found was a little awful. They were happy with what they purchase but they had regretted they could have explored more and might have opted for other beautiful options. They said they wanted to know for more options, more comparisons and more technical that they missed.

After 6 months of a thorough study, Jay started this project on a collaborative basis. He got more information about the cars and even has gone deeper into it. He had attended car shows, festivals and exhibitions and many more workshops related to cars. He was into it from before but this time he meant to do it on a purpose. He had made up his mind to give people like him a one stop portal for everything related to cars so that they could not miss even a single second in exploring for their passion. He met people inside and outside.

In his room again, after a year only he was having a coffee, a pen and a paper. And he crafted the entire solution for everything related to car can be CAR CROX. He designed the modules and different features to offer the people. He set back and wrote for the useful and needful functions of the website. A four page solutions and he went to his web developer friend. Thereby, CAR CROX was born.

After coding & testing, CAR CROX has launched on “Month Date, Year”. Now CAR CROX is breathing among all CAR lovers. With Jay’s approach and all-time-helpful attitude of CAR CROX team, we are live 24X7 and getting you everything you are looking for with respect to the latest cars and trends.

In a nutshell, our story was started with a coffee and our Jay.