Amazing vehicle having good performance and style
Honda Amaze Amazing vehicle having good performance and style
Posted On 10-Oct-2016 05:56 PM
Pros : good performance and style
Cons : Honda should consider to insert a mesh to eschew rodents entering the car cabin and boot space in all the variants

I am a proud owner of Honda Astonish. But I was very surprised to optically discern rodents entered inside the cabin and I could catch a rat inside my car with avail of a trap. Later I was surprised to optically discern that this has additionally gone to the boot space and bitten the carpet. I approached Honda accommodation to get this checked and I was apprised that this is a kenned fact and to forfend they have to put a mesh abaft the dashboard at extra cost. 

Why a prominent brand like Honda is not considered this minute fact and doesn't put the protective mesh to evade rodents entering the car cabin? All owners have invested a substantial amount of mazuma and definitely doesn't optate to compromize for these type of negligence from a car manufacturer like Honda.

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