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Posted On : October 10,2016 05:56 PM
I am a proud owner of Honda Astonish. But I was very surprised to optically discern rodents entered inside the cabin and I could catch a rat inside my car with avail of a trap. Later I was surprised to optically discern that this has additionally gone to the boot space and bitten the carpet. I appro...
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Posted On : October 15,2016 04:57 PM
Main reason I bought this car is beacause of its space and comfort and premium dashboard. Thankfully its all black dashboard . look and feel wise  Its City from within.Even better Very good handling. Stearing is very light for city driving conditions.Has all security features required which ...
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Posted On : October 10,2016 04:11 PM
Its a sublime package for the price. Its a great car with great space and features. Have utilized one for the last four years and have had no major issues. Have driven 1100 kms in a day four times. Great haste, control, and features which even the Audi's and BMW's dont have. Overall for the ...
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Posted On : November 27,2016 09:34 PM
Braking system is erratic and it is needed to be replaced. Front brake pads are continuously rubbing Mileage is poor. It is programmed by the company to fool the public. The mileage is 15km/liter Whether you drive the car in the city&n...
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Posted On : October 07,2016 03:59 PM
I own a bunch of cars but this one is amazing, it is way ahead of others in terms of comfort ride and handling.
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