About Group
About Group

Mr. Jay Gangani is the sole proprietor of CAR CROX. He always strives for excellence in everything he does. He is very much passionate about cars and stuffs related. His initiation led us to here for you in the form of an informative Automotive totally user friendly portal. His story of coffee is interesting enough to get to know him. He believes in motivation and he always motivates people to do as per their actual instincts. He himself is a person of a passion. His positively ahead attitude made him stand still in this competitive age.

He said “CAR CROX is a dream for the CAR Dreamers”. He wants to make a way to their dreams; in a way to show them path and guide them with appropriate-to-their-requirements information. For the first time buyers, it is a tough query. He thinks it should not be. We go to consult our friends and family for our car-purchasing-queries. But why not a portal, where technical experts can bring you answer to anything and everything related to your-going-to-be-car and query. He has taken a personal interest with web Development Company in order to make it more viable.

Apart from CAR CROX, Jay also is having other venture business. He himself is Cyber Forensics Expert. He is running a cyber security firm “Meclosys Information Services”. Meclosys provides various levels of IT related services that prevents crimes and enhances security aspects today’s highly threatened IT World. Meclosys has crafted the security plans that are exclusively proven more resourceful in every nature. It was started in 2010. Jay through Meclosys, wants to make people aware of cyber crime and its related aspects. He has also helped SURAT POLICE in solving for the major cases of cyber security.

Jay believes in making people aware. He simply doesn’t take any charge for that. Therefore, he runs cyber-security-awareness campaign from time to time totally on free-of-cost. The CAR CROX automotive portal he has launched is as well free-of-cost for the customers.

Thus, Jay is a person of a passion. He believes in dreams and achieves for the excellence.