About Us
About Us

Car Crox is Surat Based International Automotive Portal, in a way a website that finds everything for you regarding CARS. You will be finding facts and figures in detail here for sure. We will be providing you with complete details of India as well as of International CARs to watch for.  You will find a full of excitement as we make you explore your deep down hidden passion for cars. Whenever you will start browsing our portal, you will get your own universe of cars.

Taken in consideration every useful information our customers wants to derive before purchasing the car, we have developed and designed the whole concept with minor details to be enhanced with perfections. You will find our website most informative enough in order to make wise decision before purchasing for the cars.

Mr. Jay Gangani, a sole proprietor of the Website is a very passionate person about cars. He is introducing this portal so that people like him who wants to explore their passion about cars, can reach every single details through just one platform, CAR CROX. He believes in helping and motivating people. Thereby, he had kept this portal totally FREE-OF-COST for the customers. The visitors are not supposed to pay a single paisa while surfing on CAR CROX.

CAR CROX is crafted in an absolutely user-friendly manner. We understand people want to get the message clearly. Therefore, in order to avoid communication barrier, we will built this website both in Hindi & English. You will find your information in a language you feel comfortable with.

With a growing demand, after an analysis we have done, CAR CROX also has one useful module of USED CARS. We understand the needfulness of this module as there are people who want to trade for their used cars before purchasing for new ones. So our USED CARS module will satisfy your need of it. Here on CAR CROX, you can do both buying & selling of used cars as per your current requirements.

You will be able to compare the cars with respect to the technical information. You will find a vast arrangement of the dealers across the India on this portal. Our technical support staff will be there 24X7 in your assistance. And that to FREE of COST! Currently we are India based Automotive Portal. And we have this aim to make our portal for Internationals.