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Renault Kaptur  News
Posted On : November 14,2016 07:00 AM
The SUV trend is getting more popular indeed in the Automobile Markets in India. Almost every carmaker in India seemed to be much keen in introducing their latest development in terms of SUV. From Hyundai to Maruti & guess Renault is also stepping in...
Renault Kwid  News
Posted On : November 13,2016 07:00 AM
Kwid has always been a topic of talk from every now and again. From garnering record breaking bookings to selling more than 1 lacs of units in the specifiedly less period of time, Kwid has already been declared the successful entry level hatch by Ren...
Renault Kwid  News
Posted On : November 06,2016 07:00 AM
Renault has unravelled its most awaited AMT version of the widely acclaimed Entry Level Hatch Kwid in India. AMT Kwid is indeed one the Best Units in its segment in the Automobile Markets in India. It offers number of impressive features. & most prom...
Renault Kwid  News
Posted On : October 27,2016 07:00 AM
Would you be surprised if we say the Growth of Kwid by Renault in India is indeed super-impressive? Despite of the toughest competition in the Segment of Entry Level Hatch, Kwid has been the Top Selling Hatchback by Renault in India. It has in-fact r...
Posted On : October 25,2016 07:00 AM
If you are questing with what would be offerings in the upcoming months within Automobile Markets in India, you will be glad to hear on 2 Hot Hatchbacks & 1 Compact Crossover appear to be all awaiting for you. With festive season being started, it ju...
Renault Kwid  News
Posted On : October 13,2016 07:00 AM
You probably will be surprised on hearing of the recall like this by Renault in India. Yes, we are talking about the widely popular Hatchback Kwid by Renault in India. Renault recently has recalled around 50,000 units of Kwid in India. The issue is r...
Renault Kwid  News
Posted On : September 17,2016 07:00 AM
So this seems pretty big milestone in just 1 year only for Automobile Giant Renault in India. However, it doesn’t seem hard as well for Renault because Kwid alone is working superbly in terms of driving Sales Volume in India. & company has also state...
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