Bajaj RE60

Bajaj RE60
Bajaj RE60 is available with Variants. Price of Each Varies from Rs to Rs and the Engine Power is 0bhp ,with colour options. It gets Mannual Transmission. For the ON-ROAD Price of , You can check by clicking on your preferred Bajaj RE60 Variation's Specification & Features.

Bajaj RE60 Price

Expected Price :Rs 2 - 3.50 Lakh

Bajaj RE60 Description


Truly successful in the 2 wheeler segment, the company Bajaj has finally stepped into the 4 Wheeler Market in India with its Entry Level & Much Economical Concept Car called RE60. It is one of the most awaited car in India.


  • Previously it was showcased at New Delhi Auto Expo back in January 2012.
  • It will become the Cheapest and most affordable car in India. Thereby, it will be put in competition with Tata Nano.
  • However, company doesn’t call it a Car. It refers to the 4 Wheeler with a Passenger Capability of 4 Seats.


Company wants to launch for the most affordable car in India.

It has already performed outstanding in the 3 Wheeler Market. Now that it has arrived in 4 Wheeler, it wants to start with the Entry level. The Designing & Development of the car has been solely completed by the company.


There will be two Variants of the Car.

  • Entry Level Model
  • Other Model with Comfort Attributes


Company wants to offer the Product in the Coutries as below.

  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Latin American Countries


Following are the Dimensions of the Car.

  • The Length is 2752mm.
  • The Width is 1312mm.
  • The Height is 1650mm.


Exterior Features of the Car are as below.

  • Short Wheelbase
  • Skinny Wheels
  • Renault Touch in the Headlights
  • No Grille
  • Flat Rear
  • Trendy Tail Lights
  • Stylish Wheels


The below will be Interior Features of the car.

  • Instrument Cluster Positioned on the Dashboard
  • Huge Amount of Storage Space in the Cabin
  • Simple Seats
  • Flat Rear Bench
  • Folded Rear Seats


Engine Insights

  • It gets for 200cc Single Cylinder Engine.
  • It renders for 20bhp Power.
  • It weights for 400kg because of the Metal Polymer Monocoque.
  • It has the Turning Radius of 3.5m.
  • It has maximum speed of 70 kmph.
  • It is expected to deliver the fuel efficiency of 24 kmpl in City & 35 kmpl on the Highways.


So Folks... the vehicle is more suitable to those who want to have an affordable alternative to the Auto Rickshaw on the roads in India...!!!