Mitsubishi EVO XI

Mitsubishi EVO XI
Mitsubishi EVO XI is available with Variants. Price of Each Varies from Rs to Rs and the Engine Power is bhp ,with colour options. It gets . For the ON-ROAD Price of , You can check by clicking on your preferred Mitsubishi EVO XI Variation's Specification & Features.

Mitsubishi EVO XI Price

Expected Price :Rs 50 - 60 Lakh

Mitsubishi EVO XI Description


With Time, Money & Manpower we can do miracles, Right? It is indeed as the Japanese Automaker has developed such Marvellous Masterpiece EVO XI. The car gets for all sorts of Fundamental & Conventional Features altogether. As a result, we would be totally experiencing for the Perfect Blend of Appearance, Beautifulness & at the same time the Class with respect to the EVO XI by Mitsubishi.


·        The Car is likely to get for the Plug in Hybrid Concept that uses the Electric Motors rather than the Conventional Turbocharged Engine.

·        The Car seems Shorter but it is wider at the same time. It gets the Graceful Poise in a nutshell.

·        With Respect to Japanese Automaker the Brand “Mitsubishi” seems our favourite & on the Top as well.



The 4 Door & All Wheel Drive Rally Car is going to make its way Pretty Soon on the International Grounds. At the same time, it will be replacing the Previously Phased Out Model Called Lancer EVO X. The Traditional Renault Platform will be gone & the company will inject its own distinctive Architecture in the Model instead. The Architectural Layout of the Car has already received the Immense Appeal.

 Exterior Features of the EVO XI by Mitsubishi will be as follows.

·        Low Front Bumper

·        Broad Wheels

·        Larger Fenders

·        Trimmed, Sleek & Stylish Headlamps

·        Well Structured Grille

·        Large & Wide Front Bumper

·        Air Vents positioned At the Bottom of the Entire Frontage

·        Turn Indicators & Courtesy Lights

·        Headlamp Cluster


 The EVO XI will be getting for the below Interior Features.

·        Top Grade Seats

·        Metallic Accents to the Wooden Frames

·        Boldly Structured Dashboard at the Center of the Entire Desk

·        Full Premium Leather

·        High Class Upholstery

·        New Fulfilled Instrument Cluster

·        Top Grade Air Conditioning with Ducts


 Engine Insights

It will get for the 2.0 Litre Petrol Engine boosted by the Electric Motor with the Lithium ION batteries.


 So Folks... Mitsubishi EVO it is... everyone in the entire world has hold their breath for this Car to arrive... However, we will update you with every bit of it... so stay tuned for more...!!!

Model By Brand
Mitsubishi Montero
Rs 41.34Lakh - Rs 41.34Lakh

Mitsubishi Pajero
Rs 23.5Lakh - Rs 26.09Lakh