Tata Megapixel

Tata Megapixel
Tata Megapixel is available with Variants. Price of Each Varies from Rs to Rs and the Engine Power is 33bhp ,with colour options. It gets Mannual Transmission. For the ON-ROAD Price of , You can check by clicking on your preferred Tata Megapixel Variation's Specification & Features.

Tata Megapixel Price

Expected Price :Rs 2.50 - 3.80 Lakh

Tata Megapixel Description


The HMI for the Megapixel, builds on the exciting interface that was developed for its smaller sibling the Tata Pixel last year. 

The entire HMI is rear projected onto a surface on the dashboard, which frees it from the bounds of a traditional ‘rectangular’ screen seen on cars today, making it more integrated and harmonious with the design of the beautiful Instrument panel itself. 

The controller on the arm rest gives the driver or the passenger complete control over the functions of the car, in addition to the access that the modern car user seeks to the external world. The car ‘connects’ you seamlessly to your virtual as well as real world ! The ergonomic layout of the controller and the screen make interacting with the car complete stress free. It also helps reduce the visual clutter that we see on more tradition Instrument panels in cars today. 

The colours and forms are chosen to reflect the unique Indian soul of this car, albeit in a Global Context. The hexagonal icons are instantly recognisable from last years’ car, and are taken a step further in the Megapixel. The entire HMI is designed to be instinctive and easy to use, making travel and commuting in the Megapixel a very pleasant experience indeed.

Model By Brand
Tata Aria
Rs 10.00Lakh - Rs 15.43Lakh

Tata Indica eV2
Rs 4.04Lakh - Rs 5.03Lakh

Tata Vista
Rs 5.01Lakh - Rs 6.18Lakh

Tata Indigo eCS
Rs 5.05Lakh - Rs 5.57Lakh

Tata Manza
Rs 6.16Lakh - Rs 8.76Lakh