The Design Language Philosophy of Awesome Performance & Continuous Modification has brought Abarth the Success of the date. His founder Karl Abarth has created a legend out of his life & experience with respect to creation of Abarth after all. It was 1971 when Fiat officially took over the brand Abarth & in the date it is very well known as Fiat Abarth.

Abarth basically has very good hold on to making and delivering the Sports Cars that gets more attention from the Youth. From Fiat 500 to the Abarth 595, you will get amazed easily by its exterior outlook only. So in a nutshell, Abarth is Young & Active Brand of Fiat which mostly is known for rendering Current Passion & the Punch of the World.

UpComing Abarth Car Models

Expected Price: 30 - 35 Lakh
Expected Launch : December-2017
Launch 11 Month
Variation Name
ShowRoom Rs/-
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