Founded in 1899, Fiat is Netherlands based company of manufacturing automobiles. Fiat stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. The company is into designing & producing of the vehicles as well as rendering luxury and performance cars. The brand has been spread widely throughout the world and developed extensively with respect to the time. The company is just on accounting for the cars but it is producing for the cars with exciting engines & impressively attractive styling. The cars by the company are accessible. Company’s basic mission is to improve the quality of everyday life.

          You will be living a complete heritage and tradition of the Fiat while owning Fiat Car. You will be exploring the newest models of the company with high tech content and intelligent solutions designed specifically to simplify several aspects of daily life in a car. The company has well taken care of the most needful aspects of fuel saving that will help you getting top level of performance out of a Fiat car you are owning.

UpComing Fiat Car Models

Expected Price: 10 - 13 lakh
Expected Launch : December-2016
Model Launched.
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