Introduced in 1989 in USA, Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the world’s well known automaker Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. It has become Japan’s largest selling make of premium cars. It is now serving in about 70 countries worldwide. It is mostly associated with quality, luxury and superior customer satisfaction. Lexus is about to enter in the most competitive and prestigious automobile race in the world. The car by Lexus will be a true reflection of the pursuit of perfection for you.

          You will call it your pleasure while running on road with Lexus, because of the technological advancement the company is offering all the way in & out. The innovations by the company will ensure you with maximum power from the minimum amount of the fuel. After reasonably low exhaust emissions, it will be resulting into providing for sophisticated engine management controls as a whole. You will own ultra modern technology oriented car.

UpComing Toyota Car Models

Prius New
Expected Price: 38 - 40 Lakh
Expected Launch : March-2017
Launch 2 Month
Expected Price: 7.50 - 11 Lakh
Expected Launch : March-2017
Launch 2 Month
Variation Name
ShowRoom Rs/-
Octroi Tax
MC Tax
Total Price