Future Toll Payments would be much smoother with Digital Payments in India
Future Toll Payments would be much smoother with Digital Payments in India
Posted On November 24,2016 07:00 AM

If you are tired of the longer waiting period at Toll Tax Booths in India, your problem will be solved pretty soon. Government of India has recently asked carmakers to put RFID system within their produced cars. In a way, Cars will be identified digitally at the Toll Booths and the time thus will be lessened significantly. The functioning of Toll Booths would be much smoother by this initiative. Let’s find out more about it…!!!


2016 RFID System at Toll Plaza in India



  • The relatively longer waiting period at Toll Plazas would be lesser with respect to RFID System.
  • There will be Seamless Digital Payment System in the future at Toll Booths in India.
  • The Operations at Toll Plaza will be much improved after implementation of this System.


Government of India was thinking on getting solutions that could make the System of Toll Booths much simpler.

In a bid like that Government recently had asked Various Automobile Giants in India to put Digital Identity Tag within All New Vehicles including cars. In this way, Government is hoping towards enabling Seamless Digital Payment at various Toll Plazas in India. Thereby, the Movements at Check Posts could possibly be much smoother as a result.


Shaktikanta Das is the Secretary of Economic Affairs in India.

He said the Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways has advised Carmakers in India to equip RFID Facility in their produced vehicles. RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. He added EPCG will be complied with the RFID Facility in all New Vehicles. (EPCG is Electronics Product Code Global). It will ensure for the Digital Payments at Toll Plazas.


With a system like that, the Waiting Period at Toll Booths can be brought down significantly.

As a result, the movements and functioning of Toll Plazas in India would be much easier & seamless at the same time. With respect to RFID Tags installed in their vehicles, peopled won’t have to stop at Toll Booths for making payments. The Amount of Toll Tax will be deducted from their respective RFID Card. This RFID card will be rechargeable for the future use.


Yes, folks… we know this system will be much fascinating for us all. Let’s just wait for the official announcement or the next update by Government of India in the same regards…!!!