With Relatively Smaller Engine Passat has been imported for R and D by Volkswagen in India

With Relatively Smaller Engine Passat has been imported for R and D by Volkswagen in India

Posted On November 28,2016 07:00 AM    Find More News of Volkswagen

Few months back only, the Automobile Giant Volkswagen had imported the New Gen Variant of its popular Sedan Passat in India. It was however, 2.0 Litre TDI Version of Passat. This model was clearly imported to India in order to do R&D stuffs. & that, pretty recently in continuing with the same process, it has brought relatively smaller engine 1.6 Litre TDI model of Passat. Let’s find out more into related…!!!


2016 Volkswagen Passat India



  • With Passat, Volkswagen is about to unveil its first Plug-In Hybrid in India.
  • It will be the Next Year Only, when Volkswagen will be launching its New Gen Passat in India.
  • Instead of bringing Passat GTE, Volkswagen has recently imported Passat with relatively lesser Engine Profile in India.


Volkswagen had already started testing its New Gen Passat for its debut in 2017 in India.

It is quite clear that the company wants to unveil both the variants (Diesel & Plug-In Hybrid) in India. Couple of months earlier this year, company has brought its 2.0 Litre TDI Variant of New Gen Passat for R&D Purpose in India. It was more likely that it would have brought GTE afterwards. But pretty recently, instead of GTE Volkswagen had imported Smaller 1.6 Litre TDI Variant in India.


The Reason behind bringing Smaller Engine Profile

  • The 2.0 Litre TDI Passat has already pleased us all while it was brought in India.
  • & recently when the company has brought 1.6 Litre TDI instead of GTE, it was pretty clear that company wants to consider a launch of Downsizing Powertrain as well.
  • However, it isn’t the first time for the Volkswagen Group of Company. Previously Audi had brought A4 with 1.4 Litre TFSI Engine instead of its bigger Version 1.8 Litre TFSI in India.


About GTE, its competitors & its Launch in India

  • Volkswagen Passat GTE was first showcased at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India. There, company had an announcement of launching it in 2017 in the country.
  • It will be competing with below in India
    • Camry Hybrid by Toyota in India
    • Newly Launched Accord Hybrid by Honda in India
  • However, company is thinking of launching Passat with Diesel Engine first & then it will introduce Passat GTE in India.


Engine Insights

  • It gets 2.0 Litre 4 Cylinders TDI Diesel Engine.
  • It gets 1.6 Litre 4 Cylinders TDI Diesel Engine.
  • It gets 1.4 Litre TSI Petrol Engine with Plug-In Hybrid.
    • It generates 215bhp Power.
  • It comes mated to 6 Speed DSG Unit.


So folks… we think Passat with GTE will be more enthusiastic model in terms of performing well in the Plug-In Hybrid Segment of Automobile Markets in India…!!!



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