Our History
Our History

As said, Car Crox was born with a coffee and an initiative by Jay. If we see a little back and now, we were and are here to provide for the quality information in a totally qualitative environment. Right from the beginning, we strive for the excellence through our portal. We want to serve our best to the level of our aspired car passionate people.

We have a full database of the dealers of cars across the nation. They have always been in assistance and support if anything as and when needed. Our efforts into providing for a public portal and the constant support by the dealers have made us keep going and growing for more. From time to time, our ventures with dealers and other partner firms has inspired us more to do even more than before. Presently our portal is providing such an excellent support and service that we have now aimed to be nominated for “Best CAR Website of India”.

Every while we have set a milestone and we have achieved it. We had added different modules in our portal in this manner only. Our feeling of accomplishing for the benchmark we have desired is tremendously huge with positivity and success. We want to achieve for the best option for our customers and with this ambition only we are keeping are high standards of services. Our efforts and our approach is pretty much clear in the same regard.

If we see about what we do presently is the section of NEWS we have added in our portal. We want our customers to be updated with the latest news and events. So we have added into our efforts the latest happening of the industry. Sensational information with pictures of latest cars and exclusive event coverage is the newest catch we have opted for. Along with the news, the technical reviews section of the portal is the best to surf for. The reason is we have added more technical (staff members) reviewers and it is now being eye catchy aspect of the portal.

We want to get our customers the exceptional and exclusive experience before owning for the biggest asset of their lifetime. We have even something more in our mind to make it more worthwhile. Therefore, be with us we will show you the future car you want to own.