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External or Additional Car Body Kits should be installed with Precocious Knowledge

Posted On June 14,2016 09:49 PM
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Why Precocious?

It looks good but gets heavier & affects the performance so.

However, there are options to make the Performance even.



With External Body Kits Car Looks Ultra Expensive but there won’t be any Performance Benefit. Car gets heavier in terms of Weight. Thereby, it increases the Drag. None the less, you can add the Full Performance Upgrade for a Car. However, it Starts from 1.50 Lacs; that in turn only from the Reliable Tuning Workshop.



Your nice looking Kit can be damaged with respect to the Pothole Specific Roads in here.



As a result, it needs to be installed with Sufficient Knowledge of the After Effects with respect to each of the External Enhancement in the Car. Else it would fall negative into your cost. So it is necessary for you to have thought upon it twice before adding it up.





Here we have classified the Basic Cost & Various Kits.



Alternative Aftermarket Body Kits Comprise of below.  

  • Side Skirts
  • All the Modified Bumpers
  • Spoilers



The Body Kits with Various Designs are composed of below.

  • Polyurethane
  • Fibreglass
  • Carbone Fibre



Basic Body Kit starts from 7500 Rs & it includes below.

  • Side Skirts
  • Boot Lip Spoiler
  • More Other things
  • Bumper Skirts



The Cost of the Body Kits

  • Basic Aftermarket Custom Made Kits Starts from 10,000.
  • Advanced Aftermarket Custom Made Kits goes upto 50,000.
  • The Automakers also provide Body Kits optionally sometimes.



Below 2 Companies are Reliable in Producing for The Performance Upgrade Kit.

  • Autopsyche
  • Red Rooster Racing



The Performance Upgrade Kit includes for below.

  • Free Flow Air Filter
  • Free Flow Exhaust
  • Turbocharger
  • Cold/Hot Air Intake
  • Race Suspensions
  • New ECU



So Folks... in our advice it is necessary to add the Performance Upgrade. So that the Airflow will be optimized & the Drag will be decreased. In turn the Mileage or the Performance won’t be affect as a whole...!!!