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Different Types of Car Design with Respect to Body Type

Posted On June 16,2016 02:11 PM
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What would you do to explain a Body Type of the Car?

  • Would you talk 2-3 lines for describing the Car of your choice?
  • Or would you just say one word?

Yes, Just One Word... that can absolutely point itself to the car you are talking about.


It seems silly not to know this stuff.

But indeed it is needful & useful info to have.

Thereby, here we have described all 7 types of the Cars.


The Widely Known Car Designs with Respect to Body Types can be classified as below.

  1. Hatchback
  2. Sedan / Saloon
  3. SUV
  4. MPV
  5. Crossover
  6. Coupe
  7. Convertible



  1. Hatchback
  • It has Lifting Rear Door.
  • Its Boot comes with the Fabulous Storage Space.
  • It is easy to handle & Adequate for 4 Persons (Particularly the Nuclear Family in India).
  • It is the Best Selling Car Type in Passenger Car Segment in India.


The Budget Car Buyer” preferred it the most.


The Examples of Hatchback Cars in India

  • Alto by Maruti Suzuki
  • I10 by Hyundai
  • Swift by Maruti Suzuki
  • Jazz by Honda



  1. Sedan / Saloon
  • After Hatchback, Sedan comes 2nd in terms of Successful Cars in India.
  • It comes with 4 doors & 2 doors (sometimes).
  • It gets Fixed Roof with Full Height Up to the Rear Window.
  • Its Roof Structure is getting the Fixed B Pillar.
  • Its seating capacity can be 4 or more.


It offers the fantastic & Luxury Look.

The Executive Class preferred it most in India. Sedan Particularly appeals more to the Indian Buyers because of the Traditional & Conventional Feeling attached with it.


The Examples of Sedan Cars in India

  • Vento by Volkswagen
  • Rapid by Skoda
  • C Class by Mercedes



  1. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)
  • Hatchback & Sedans are popular in India. However, with respect to time SUV has come into Market with its own appealing charm.
  • The SUVs in the beginning were inspired by the Commercial & Military Vehicles. But now the Scenario has changed.
  • It gets all Wheel Drive Train. It helps sending power from Engine to all the Wheels Simultaneously. As a result, any terrain can be dodged.
  • Nowadays SUVs are found with below offerings.
    • 2WD
    • Soft Roaders
    • Compact SUVs


It works for both Off Roading & Regular Utility Specific use.


The Examples of SUVs in India

  • Fortuner by Toyota
  • Pajero by Mitsubishi
  • Safari by Tata



  1. MUV/MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles)
  • It is applicable for the Joint / Large Families in India.
  • It seems best choice for Travelling with more people & full Luggage.
  • It can be used for Multiple Purposes in this way.
  • It doesn’t have off roader capabilities.


It is also used as Commercial Taxis.


The Examples of MPVs in India

  • Lodgy by Renault
  • Ertiga by Maruti Suzuki



  1. Crossover
  • It seems an innovative creation with respect to cars.
  • It is combination of Hatchback & SUV.
  • It is built with Hatchback Platform & gets you the features (like High Ground Clearance, Higher Seating Position) of SUV as well.


It is light off-roader car.


The Examples of Crossover in India

  • I20 Active by Hyundai



  1. Coupe
  • It is 2 Door Stylish Version of Sedan.
  • It gets the Reclining Roof line.


It is highly Performance Driven Car.


The Examples of Coupe in India

  • F Type by Jaguar
  • M6 by BMW



  1. Convertible
  • Its Front 2 Seats occupy for more space compare to cramped rear Seats.
  • Because of the Folding Top its Boot Size is much smaller.


However, it represents the Status Symbol of the owner.


The Examples of Convertibles in India

  • A3 Cabriolet by Audi
  • R8 Spyder by Audi



So Folks... all confusions will be out after above descriptions. Now tell your friends & family that one word & let them know what difference you have seen...!!!