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7 Things to keep in car to stay away from the Monsoon-Frustration

Posted On October 08,2015 04:28 PM
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Yes the Season monsoon makes you stuck in the Traffic for hours & hours. Even it can get you stuck in the mud sometimes. So rather than being frustrated out of the season, we should be prepared in advance to get us a little piece of Mind.


We have categorized 7 useful things to be kept in car during the Season of Monsoon.


But before that, 1 Step is very much essential.

And that is to keep the Windscreen Clear.

  • Make sure that there is no dirt on or around the Windshield. So before using Wiper, you need to clean it else it will leave the Scratches on the Glass.
  • Clean it with pouring water on to it. Then wipe it clean with the Cloth. Then use wipers in order to clear the glass.


The below are the 7 useful things.

  1. Tow Rope & Shovel
  2. Medical Kit
  3. Flashlight
  4. Food & Water
  5. Newspaper
  6. Phone Charger
  7. Umbrella


  1. Tow Rope & Shovel

Guess the Tow Rope can be needful of all, in case if you are stuck in the muddy place or something. It can get you towed out & you will feel relax for sure.

Shovel can be helpful in order to unstick the muck around the tyres.

So to extricate yourself out of the mud, you will need Tow Rope & Shovel.

Sometimes there can be a situation where your car is completely shut down. & that you are out in the place where there is no garage nearby. So in order to carry your car with the help of your friend’s car, you need the Tow Rope. Atleast, you can get to the garage & have the car restarted again. It would be much difficult without the Tow Rope indeed.


  1. Medical Kit

In order to get out of the problem during Monsoon, it is likely to get bruises or get injured in the activity.

It is recommended thereby to carry the Medical Kit along with.

During Monsoon there can be number of tasks where you need to move the heavy objects or you need to lift few of them. Chances are pretty high under frustration you can get bruises in the middle of the action. So the Medical Kit would be much helpful in order to get 1st Aid instantaneously.


  1. Flashlight

Situation can be, you can be stuck out in somewhere so dark. You might need to change the tyre or you have to get out of the car to find the cause of the stopped car.

The Flashlight will be much needed for the times like that.

Sometimes the circumstances get weirder as in your car might not be working in terms of lighting. So the additional & portable Flashlight can get you the direction out in the dark night & even to find the things inside of the car as well.


  1. Food & Water

For hours & hours if you have to spend the time at traffic jam, you can fill your appetite with food & water.

Even when you have to tow out your car from somewhere, you would be losing your energy. Thereby you will be hungry or thirsty. That time as well, Food & Water will play the leading role in getting satisfied immediately.

Monsoon & Long Drive doesn’t happen all the time. And it seems undesirable when it does. So get yourself backed up with more Food & Water as the journey can be delayed with respect to the Monsoon reasons.


  1. Newspaper

It gets you 2 way benefits.

You can read it while you are stuck somewhere in traffic. You never know how much time it would take for the traffic to be reduced. So for a mind distraction, reading Newspaper would be a good option.

You can put it over the Foot-Mats. It will soak the Water from your Wet Footwear.

Not only that, it can work well as the hand fan especially if the AC inside the car won’t be working anymore.


  1. Phone Charger

Stuck in traffic & you cannot find your way out for like another couple of hours... the “Battery of the Phone” on the other hand keeps on getting down. So you need a Phone charger to make your phone alive.

Sometimes we use our smart phone excessively (in monsoon season particularly because of traffic or stuck in somewhere) in order to use Apps like Navigation, Music Player or Chats. With that use, battery gets down within few hours. With the Phone Charger, it seems easy to get both phone & your mood live.


  1. Umbrella

In the season of Monsoon you get soaked out in rain. With that wet clothes of yours, you would sit in the car. The point is you would leave the Moisture on the Seats & Carpets. It will start sting after water absorbed in the seats.

So get yourself umbrella. It will let you dry during ingress or egress.

Another thing, keep a Plastic bag to store that Wet Umbrella you would have used. Else the wet umbrella would do that stinging job instead of you. So it is good practice to have both umbrella & dry Plastic bag used during the season of Monsoon.


Monsoon can really get you the painstaking experience while being in car, stuck in traffic or in the muddy road. Few things in car can really be essential in the situations like that.


So Folks... little cautiousness can bring you a great piece of mind in real.