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Engine Air Filter and its Importance with Better Engine Performance

Posted On June 16,2016 05:30 PM
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So you have come across those Engine Repair matters, when your technician says “it would take much time as it is complicated”. & you just have no other choice than waiting for it.

Well, you can prevent those matters happened with Engine if you know these two terms precisely.

·        Engine Air Filter

·        Engine Oil Filter

Filter as it names suggest itself it filters out. Engine Air Filter filters out Air & Engine Oil Filter filters out Oil. Both filters in every perspective can cause change in the performance of the Engine of your Car.

Engine Air Filters

Have you ever saw the Grill near the Front Licence Plate of your Car? Apparently, what you will find more there; are Splattered Sap or Bugs or Leaves or Other types of Grime. All these things can get into the Bay of the Engine. Even water can go down there. It’s pretty simple it’s a passage for Air (as well) to get into the Engine. But why should you worry about it? Well, you should (& in fact more) as it’s all here; when it can start the problem of the Corrosion or the Abrasion.


Engine Air Filter does pretty nice job in terms of catching all those cruds (Dust, Grit, Dirt, other Debris). As an additional protection, there is a Plastic Box through which the Filter is being protected.


Engine needs to have the good amount of air in order to give Power in an efficient manner.

·        In cases when Air Filter gets too much dirty, the Engine will be starved out of Air.

·        In some cases when the amount of Dirt is very high at the Air Filter, the Engine of the car wouldn’t run at all.

·        Out of all, there are chances it can cause a permanent damage to the Performance of the Engine.


You will get surprised folks, with a little less knowledge like this; can save your bigger huge amount of time in times when unnecessarily you would have to wait for like hours & hours to get back the Engine in its original performance.