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What is Fuel Injector doing with respect to Fuel Efficiency

Posted On April 01,2016 06:17 PM
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You might have heard of Carburettors.

It is gone for the Betterment in the Auto Industry from a long time ago.

With respect to the time, the Engine & its Efficiency is much improved into Cars because of Fuel Injectors.


Fuel Injectors are used in place of Carburettors.

It is because Fuel Injectors overcome the limitations Carburettors have.

  • Carburettors don’t have Brain.
  • Carburettors can’t inject the Fuel.


Fuel Injectors gets ECU.

  • ECU is Electronic Control Unit.
  • ECU is the Brain of Fuel Injectors.


The Mechanism of the FI (Fuel Injectors)

  • EFP (Electric Fuel Pump) is Placed inside the Tank.
    • It pumps the Fuel out from the Tank.
    • It sends the Fuel into the FL (Fuel Lines).
  • FL sends the Fuel to the Engine & the FI afterwards.
  • Role of ECU
    • It analyzes the amount of Fuel required by the Engine at the moment.
    • It sends this information via signals to FI.
    • It then opens FI for Spraying. But before that ECU analyzes below.
      • The Amount of Air Entering the Combustion Chamber
      • The Throttle Position (after using APP [Accelerator Pedal Position] Sensor)
  • FI are connected to both ES (Electric Supply) & ECU.
  • Because of ES, the Solenoid’s Magnetic Field is attracting the Magnet on Top of the Plunger of the FI. As a result, FI Valve is opened & Pressurized Fuel is sprayed (as of coming from the EFP through its Tiny Nozzle).


The Duration of FI Valve Opening depends on below.

  • Signals from the ECU
  • Engine Conditions


Injections Systems are of Two Types in the date.

FI are injecting Fuel in Combustion Chamber with either of the below Injection Type.

  • MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection)
  • DI (Direct Injection)



  • FI are spraying Fuel into the Intake Manifold.
  • It is Popular in Non Turbocharged Petrol Motors.



  • FI are spraying Fuel Directly into the Combustion Chamber.
  • This tech is used in Diesel Engine.
  • It is also available with respect to Petrol Engine from some time.


The Benefits of Fuel Injectors are as below.

  • They have information of how much Fuel would be required at the moment.
  • It helps optimizing Performance.
  • Emissions can be controlled.
  • The Fuel Efficiency can be comparatively much better.


So Folks... Fuel Injectors seems to be dominating in terms of giving Higher Fuel Efficiency as a whole...!!!