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Use Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Better Fuel Economy

Posted On October 08,2015 04:55 PM
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Engine Oil does have its own importance as it directly affects on the Fuel Economy of the Car you own.


So before purchasing any Engine Oil, have a look into Engine Oil Insights in a minute.


There are 3 ways to improve the Fuel Economy.

  • Driving with a Light Foot
  • Over-Inflating Tyres
  • Opting for the Right Engine Oil

Out of all above, the 3rd can really make your car go for more miles.


There are 2 Types of Oils.

  1. Mineral Oil
  2. Synthetic Oil
    1. Semi Synthetic
    2. Fully Synthetic


  1. Mineral Oil

It is the Basic Oil among all. It is used for the Protection of the Engines. We are required to change it frequently.


  1. Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil is created in Lab after adding the Additives into the Mineral Oil. As a result, it gives better Longevity, Efficiency & Performance.


  1. Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is helpful in reducing Engine Wear. It renders (compare to Mineral Oil) Better Protection in Cold Starts. We need to increase the Oil Change Intervals compared to Mineral Oils.


  1. Fully Synthetic Oil

It is used in order to enhance the Performance. It gives the Fantastic Cold Starting Ability. It is much Economical compare to the rest.


So we recommend to have used the Fully Synthetic Oil as a Choice to make among all.

However, we would say the budget perspectives should also be seen. With respect to the below constraints the Engine Oil should be taken into preference.

  • Price
  • Efficiency
  • Longevity


Thus Folks, We need to make the wise choice with respect to Engine Oil. If Price is the constraint then only you should go for the lower category oil. Else we suggest to have used the Fully Synthetic Oil for the Efficiency & Longevity of the Engine.