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HID Projection Headlamps are brighter. But would it be a viable option

Posted On October 24,2016 03:57 PM
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Yes, they are expensive.

Yes, they are hugely improving the Field of Vision.

The HIDs (High Intensity Discharge) Projection Headlamps do the pretty impressive job while driving at Night.


All About HID

·        It generates the Bluish White Beam of Light.

·        It is much commonly found in the Luxury Cars.

·        Compare to the Traditional Headlamps, It operates at the Higher Voltages.

·        It uses Xenon Gas for its Operations.

·        It uses 2 Electrodes to produce Light. Traditional Headlamps use Filaments.


Aftermarket HID

·        Its cost starts from Rs 5500.

·        It can be fitted in any car.

·        It gets Normal Incandescent Headlamp Bulbs with Blue Glass or Blue Coating. Thereby, it generates a Bluish Beam.

·        It is brighter compare to Regular Headlamp Bulbs.



The Advantages

·        It seems useful in terms of High Speed Driving especially at Night.

·        It gives the Longer & More Clear Field of Vision in Dark.

·        Because of the Better Visibility, it also enhances the Road Safety.

·        The Aftermarket HID will be giving the Consistent White Light with comparatively longer Field of View. That can be so much useful in terms of driving.


 The Disadvantages

·        It is so much bright so it produces Glare at High Beam. Thereby, it is fitted with an Automatic Beam Leveller; which in turn (According to the Tilt Angle of the Vehicle via Sensors) adjusts the Beam on the Front & Rear Axles of the Car. The above feature is not available in Aftermarket HID. So it causes the inconvenience to the other road users.

·        It is comparatively much costlier because of the technology used inside.


So Folks... in our opinion, you can definitely use the Aftermarket HID for better Field of View. But then again, you have to make sure of the “Fitting Procedure” properly done...!!!