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Compatibility is the constraint for incorporating High Speed Tyres

Posted On October 08,2015 04:57 PM
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High Performance Vehicles get the High Performance Tyres. Isn’t it?

Yes of course, as High Performance Tyre effortlessly give the High Speed under the Extreme Conditions. But how does even the combo of Tyre & the Performance of the Vehicle fit in together? Here is the full insight on the Compatibility Constraint with respect to the High Speed Tyres.


1st of all we need to understand the basic fact.

The Basic fact is Tyres are been used in order to Suit the Particular Vehicle Type. Generally Vehicle Type is the result of the Cost Constraints of the Consumers.


The below are the 2 examples that explores the Compatibility issues with respect to have used the High Speed Tyres in a needless manner.


  1. Truck Compatible Tyres
  • The Truck’s basic need is to have Tyres with High Load Bearing Capacity.
  • Truck doesn’t have any need of travelling at High Speed. So speed isn’t the priority with respect to Truck.
  • So if both types of Tyres (High Load Carrying Capacity & High Speed) would be used for Truck, the Cost would be needlessly huge.


  1. Technology Oriented Tyres
  • Company might possibly be producing the Tyre with 300+ km/h Speed Rating.
  • If High Speed Tyres like that would be used in Entry Level Hatchback, it would be proven useless. It is because no matter the Tyres have ability of giving High Speed, that Entry Level Hatchback is clearly incapable of delivering the High Speed in the 1st place.
  • On the other hand, the Cost of the Entry Level Hatchback would be more because of the Expensive Tyres.


In a nutshell, High Speed Tyres should only be used in Cars with its Speed exceeding 210 km/h.


Comparatively better Speed Giver Cars can be classified as below.

  • Sports Sedans
  • Hot Hatchbacks
  • Sports Cars
  • Sports Coupes
  • Hyper Cars


High Speed Tyres do have below characteristics.

  • More Durable
  • Can Deal with the Strong G Forces under Hard Cornering
  • Resistible Under High Temperatures due to High Sped Rolling Resistance
  • Made with Expensive Materials & Compounds


So Folks, High Speed Tyre can only be equipped inside the Better Speed Giver Cars in a nutshell.