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General Car Care Tips for making it Rust-Free in the Season of Monsoon

Posted On July 27,2016 03:12 PM
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You wouldn’t be wishing to get Rust on the Body of the Car.

Generally Draping the Car in Cover Specially when it is kind of Humid Condition due to Rain, will cause the Rust on the Body of a Car. So “Covering the Car in Monsoon” wouldn’t be nice choice. Just avoid that.


Proper Ventilation

Car needs to have proper Ventilation. Thereby, try to Park it at the Place where it can get Proper Ventilation. It would be beneficial if you have Stilt Car Parking or dedicated Place for it to have parked, that would be Awesome. Even Stilt Car Parking would be nicer when you would have left it close to a Low Lying Area. In a way, it will safeguard a Car from Any Kind of Harm.


Keep it Moisture-Free

In order to keep the Car Moisture-Free (it Causes Rust so), you can use any of the below.

  • Engine Bay
  • Rust Fighting Cocktail (It contains Used Engine Oil & Diesel)
  • Leaf Springs

You need to keep the above Mixture away from below.

  • Disc Brakes
  • Your Skin
  • Wheel Drums
  • Calipers
  • Electricals
  • Rubber Parts

The Mixture will be tending to Get the Grime so You have to wash it off with using Diesel & Re-Application of the Concoction; continuingly for few weeks.


Cleaning the Car

The Cleaning is Very Important Part whether it is Monsoon or not. You should Clean the Areas like Coil Springs & Rod Ends.


Rust Removal Powder

In case when you found Rust on the Car, try to remove it as immediately as possible. You can use Rust-Removal Powder. The Rust-Removal Powder can be found at Any Type of Accessory Shop.


Washing After Driving

After driving car in the Rain, Wash it & Keep it Dry. It will be helpful in order to protect it from The Dirt or the Grime.


So folks… these all care tips are generally much beneficial especially in the season of Monsoon. However, if you cannot get time to do it yourself, there is an option to give it to Car Care Service Providers for Oil Sprays, Washing or Maintenance.