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Look into Other than Buying Costs as well before Purchasing a Car

Posted On October 24,2016 03:50 PM
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Are there even other Costs to look for?

Well, Yes. There are several Costs that can affect the Car Buying Decision of yours.

Those Costs are classified as below.

1.      Ownership Cost

2.      After Sale Service Cost

3.      Resale Value Cost


So you might have wondered, above all costs are important indeed after reading it.


So do some sort of Wear & Tear Calculations before purchasing a Car.


1.      Ownership Cost

·        It is much important to look the Running Cost of the Car you are going to purchase.

·        Say for example, if your daily run of car can be around 100 Km within city only, then you should go for CNG/Diesel instead of Petrol.

·        However, Diesel Engine Car is slightly tagged with higher Price.


2.      After Sale Service Cost

·        It is essential to have known because of the Regular Maintenance Aspects of the Car.

·        Diesel Machine will make your Maintenance Cost higher than Petrol.

·        The Fuel Type Car should be chosen as per the Budget & Purpose Specific Requirements.

·        To keep the Cost ultra lower, one can definitely go for CNG or LPG Alternatives.


3.      Resale Value Cost

·        You might be thinking why to even bother about Resale Value of the Car?

·        Well, it does affect the Value of your car with respect to the Brand & Model especially when you want your purchased car to be resold.

·        Running Model or Running Brand Car gets good Amount in terms of Resale Value comparatively.

·        However, you can also look if the model is newly launched or some concept specific something.

·        The Basic Idea is to get the Calculation done in case if you change your mind in future & want to resale your car so.


 So Folks... do set your budget first; let yourself have done a little research; & calculate all the necessary costs respectively before buying any car of your choice...!!!