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Test Drive is very much essential before you make a purchase decision for the car

Posted On February 18,2016 02:41 PM
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Whether you are a 1st time buyer or purchasing the car again, what you need to do is Test Drive it. It is important because when you purchase a car, everything is about a feel. & that; this feel is a totally personal thing. And different car gives you different feel in real especially with respect to your personification.


So now you might be confused with what you want to feel?

Well, it is pretty much unlikely to be known. However, we can conclude it with respect to what your requirements are.


Thereby, here we have categorized 3 points to be checked before you would buy the car.

  1. Make a Checklist of your wants & requirements from the car you want to own
  2. Do the Process of Short listing among the available options with respect to your requirements
  3. Take a Test Drive to Get the Feel of the Car you want to own


Make a Checklist

  • You 1st need to make a checklist of your wants. From “the type of the car you like to own” to “the mileage of the car you can afford” everything should be put on the paper.
  • You might feel it is too geeky or finicky kind of stuffs. But method is very much needful in order to get the Value for Money product in the end.
  • You need to keep this checklist both in your mind & in your pocket. So that from the beginning to test driving to the signing of the cheque, you can very well be aware of what you are looking at.


Process of Short listing

  • You should know that External Help is good. But you don’t have to be completely relied on that. From budgeting to the personal choices, everything does matter.
  • The Banking Executive might possibly be affecting the Purchase Desicion of yours with respect to the Financial or Documentation things.
  • What you need to do is... get the total number of options available according to your requirements & Shortlist which suits best or nearly better to go for a test drive atleast.


Test Drive

  • As we have said, Test Drive plays much essential role in term of your buying decision.
  • Get your shortlisted options ready in your hands.
  • Today most of the Auto makers are arranging the test drives at your doorstep. So decide day & timing & go for the Test Drive straightaway.
  • Keep your checklist with you while Test Driving.
  • Review & Rate with respect to your experience & feel of the car after each Test Drive.
  • Check out what fits best among all & Cancel out those which don’t.
  • & afterwards, you can sign for the cheque without even hesitating.


Folks... it is true that you should feel what you want & then only need to make the purchase decision. But however, we also recommend some technical proficiency before purchasing.


The drive was pretty & It is good enough for me” sounds pretty normal. But a car, before a final decision, should be checked by a professional mechanic. So that the Good Integrity with respect to the car can be assured.


Remember the 3 things we have described in above while Test Driving and you are half way there to your-going-to-be-car...!!!