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Would you go for Low Profile Tyres with Respect to Indian Roads

Posted On October 24,2016 03:38 PM
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Low Profile Tyres, on the Contrary to its name”, are indeed viable option to have shod on Most Sports Cars. After that, it helps in terms of Improving Handling & Drive Dynamics. But then Again, you would have to compromise with the Cost of Bumpy & Harsh Ride Quality.

 Here is the Story we have unveiled of Low Profile Tyres with respect to Indian Roads.


 Inside the Sports Car

Sports Car seems to be the Low Slung Speed Machines. The Tyre inside the Sports Car are Stuck Close to the Wheel Rims. The Tyre also gets for the Short Sidewalls. It is Low Profile Tyre.


The Advantages of Low Profile Tyre

·         Because of Shorter & Stiffer Sidewalls, it gives some sort of Better Steering Responsiveness.

·         It also supports in improving the Handling Characteristics of the Car.

·         It gives the particular aspect required with Sports Car. & that is Capability of High Speeds. Thereby, it has the Wide Contact Patches by Default.


 Why it is used widely in terms of Aftermarket Accessories?

·         It proves to be better in terms of Dual Purpose.

o   Improving Drive Dynamics

o   Rendering Superlative Grip

·         It is more compatible with Wider & Taller Wheel Rims. Both together can be Fit into any Car.


 However, there is one thing to be noted.

·         All the Cars come with 3% Margin in terms of increasing the Wheel Size & Tyres.

·         Sometimes Bigger Size can get you the Adverse Consequences.

·         It may affect the Handling, the Drive Dynamics & Ride in a negative manner.



With respect to above all Possessiveness & Points, there comes Drawbacks as well.

·         In terms of Tyres, the Wider Contact Patch; that means it requires More Grip in turn.

·         In a simplified Manner, it means your car will want More Energy. So that it can Move Forward. In a way, it will affect the Fuel Economy negatively.

·         With Stiffer Sidewalls, it gets less Air. Thereby, you will be experiencing for the Bumpy Ride.


 How about Indian Highways?

·         It will give you Smooth Tarmac & Impressive Feel.

·         But with respect to Indian Highways, More likely it can get you Puncture. It can also result in the Damaged Tyre or the Rim.


 So, in our opinion, you should have an Expert Advise with in Depth Report in case if you want to alter your Sports Car’s Tyre with Low Profile Tyres in India...!!!